Why Granville Global?

The benefits of working with us.

  • 45 years of experience in bespoke, high-quality, and unique homes in the south of England gives Granville, the heritage and the knowledge to bring the very best to the very best of discerning buyers in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Turnkey bespoke solutions for high-end owners in the very best locations.
  • Investment secured against individual property.
  • 10% return on project ( project term 4 to 6 months ).
  • Monthly updates on your individual investment.
  • Minimum investment AED 1m.

Matthew Firth

  • CEO of an Award-Winning New Home Building Company :

    As the CEO of a prestigious new home builder that has received multiple awards, Matthew leads a successful organization in the real estate and construction sector. Granville is an award-winning multi-national family owned property company whose name is synonymous with quality of finish, high specification, and advanced design. Founded over 45 years ago and today boasting a reputation as one of the highest regarded developers in its regions – our vision has been the same since the beginning; exceptionally high standards of construction, design and craftsmanship – creating outstanding new properties in excellent locations for people to enjoy. Supported by multiple testimonials and awards.

  • Three Decades of Expertise in Renovations, Conversions, and New Home Construction :

    With 30 years of experience, Matthew possesses in-depth knowledge in renovating, converting, and building new home.

  • Over 500 Properties delivered to Satisfied Buyers :

    Matthew Firth has a proven track record of delivering over 500 properties to happy buyers, demonstrating his commitment to client satisfaction and successful real estate transactions.

  • Accredited in Design :

    Matthew’s design accreditation signifies his proficiency in both the aesthetic and functional aspects of property design, a valuable skill in the real estate and construction fields.

  • Angel Investor in Property, Motorsports, and Tech Ventures :

    Matthew’s role as an angel investor in various sectors, including property, motorsports, and tech, highlights his diverse business interests and support for start-ups and innovative ventures.

  • Non-Executive Director for Multiple Start-Ups in the UAE :

    Serving as a non-executive director for multiple start-ups in the United Arab Emirates underscores his international presence in the business world and his role in guiding and advising emerging companies.

  • Investment Management : Matthew holds a profound and extensive grasp of investment management on a global scale. His expertise covers a wide spectrum of areas within this field, including investment strategies, financial markets, risk assessment, and asset allocation.

Ross Samson

  • 10 years experience in the Dubai residential real estate market.
  • Over AED 1.5 billion of personal transactions.
  • Management role in one of Dubai’s top developers since 2020
    overseeing project launches totalling AED 2 billion of sales.

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