Relocation Services

Relocating to Dubai?

Granville Global Limited offers comprehensive assistance for individuals planning to relocate to Dubai. Our team of experienced professionals specialize in relocation services, property acquisition, and investment opportunities. As well as assisting your integration and enjoyment of Dubai once you arrive.


We offer and affiliate with hand picked partners in all of the following areas. We introduce you and monitor your enjoyment and benefit, and remain available to contact so we can assist to swiftly deal with any concerns;

1. The employment of maids, nannies, gardeners, drivers and contractors.
2. Introductions to schools and nurseries to suit your children’s level of requirement.
3. Golf and Country Club memberships.
4. Car rental and purchase.
5. Introduction to banks.

Property Acquisition:

Our comprehensive services include an unbiased introduction to the Dubai Real Estate market, featuring guided tours of prime locations, detailed explanations of price points, and invaluable insights into developers and developments, enabling you to make informed choices.

Choose your ideal property with the assistance of our experts, who will consider your lifestyle and budget requirements (ranging from €800k to €30m+), ensuring a tailored selection.

Personalize your property to perfection with the guidance of our Italian designer and contractor, resulting in a bespoke Dubai home that aligns precisely with your specifications, ready for occupancy within 6 months of consultation.


Property Investment:

We offer secure syndicate investment opportunities, guaranteeing a fixed return of 10% per project. With a minimum investment amount of €250,000, our projects typically span 6-8 months.

We provide professional assistance in establishing Companies or Family Offices for tax optimization purposes and obtaining your residency visa.

Benefit from our guidance in acquiring long-term investment properties, maximizing returns through the robust rental market, which yields 8%+ net returns alongside potential capital appreciation.


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